Quantum Power Handwriting Recognition

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We expect quantum computers to outperform binary computers by an order of magnitude. But today, they are still quite experimental and only work on small scales. So, this article (dating back to October) is amazing news: Physicist Zhaokai Li and his team from the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei realized a Handwriting OCR on a quantum computer which means they created the first demonstration of Artificial Intelligence (in the meaning of machine learning) for a quantum computer:

That’s an interesting result for artificial intelligence and more broadly for quantum computing. It demonstrates the potential for quantum computation, not just for character recognition, but for other kinds of big data challenges. “This work paves the way to a bright future where the Big Data is processed efficiently in a parallel way provided by quantum mechanics,” say the team.

Physics arXiv Blog: First Demonstration Of Artificial Intelligence On A Quantum Computer


Image: "DWave 128chip" by D-Wave Systems, Inc. - D-Wave Systems, Inc.. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Character Recognition Recognition

Screenshot of Reverse OCR Tumblr

Via Twitter I stumbled upon the Reverse OCR bot yesterday. The bot itself states its mission like this:

I am a bot that grabs a random word and draws semi-random lines until the OCRad.js library recognizes it as the word.

And indeed, it is pretty interesting to follow those inexplicable lines which the OCRad algorithm identifies as words. You get a glance on why it is so difficult to write a good OCR system although most of us can parse text without any afford.

Darius Kazemi, the man behind Reverse OCR is an internet artist. On his website "Tiny Subversions" he lists a lot of other werid stuff he created, e.g. a bot that shops random stuff at amazon or a tool for creating presentations using the first image of a google search to a given list of topics.

Quantum Computer reads handwritten characters

There is a quote often attributed to Richard Feynman and it goes like this:

"If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics."

So, here is the first application of quantum computing in the area of artifical intelligence:

A Chinese team of physicists have trained a quantum computer to recognise handwritten characters, the first demonstration of “quantum artificial intelligence”

Physics arXiv: First Demonstration Of Artificial Intelligence On A Quantum Computer