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Everyone who speaks a language, speaks it with an accent. A particular accent essentially reflects a person's linguistic background. When people listen to someone speak with a different accent from their own, they notice the difference, and they may even make certain biased social judgments about the speaker.

The speech accent archive is established to uniformly exhibit a large set of speech accents from a variety of language backgrounds. 

Speech Accent Archive

Roddenberry Data Recovered from Old Floppy Disks

The world leading data forensics company DriveSavers extracted data from 200 Gene Roddenberry floppy disks with no functional computer that can read the file format. Wow, I really wonder what might be on those disks:

When Gene Roddenberry’s computer died, it took with it the only method of accessing some 200 floppy disks of his unpublished work. Here’s how this tech mystery was solved.

DriveSavers Blog

Ars Technica


Image: Gene Roddenberry 1976 by Larry D. Moore. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons.


The Limits of Discourse

I could comment this encounter but this is needless. The obvious: Discussion and discourse depend on the willingess to exchange by the debatants. 

Last week, I did my best to engineer a public conversation with Chomsky about the ethics of war, terrorism, state surveillance, and related topics. As readers of the following email exchange will discover, I failed. I’ve decided to publish this private correspondence, with Chomsky’s permission, as a cautionary tale. Clearly, he and I have drawn different lessons from what was, unfortunately, an unpleasant and fruitless encounter. I will let readers draw lessons of their own.

The Limits of Discourse As Demonstrated by Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky


Science, Mathematics and Vampires

 Histoire des vampires et des spectres malfaisans avec un examen du vampirisme, 1820

A surprisingly large number of academic studies—as in, more than one—have applied mathematical modeling to the concept of human-vampire co-existence. Using the depiction of bloodsuckers in various forms of media, from Bram Stoker's Dracula to True Blood, these papers look at whether Earth's vampire population would inevitably annihilate humanity, and, if so, how long it would take.

This article of Atlas Obscura presents an interesting history of mathematics dealing with the transylvanian problem of renewable resources. Great lecture!


Image: « Les vampires » par Berthe — Google libros: Sous licence Domaine public via Wikimedia Commons.

TV GUI Localization Fail

The Hisense-TV of my sister in law is a perfect example for a localization fail. The menu title "Guía de Programas" is Spanish, the date format and content text as well as two navigation buttons are German (as it was supposed to be) but the other navigation buttons are in English. The most intriguing example is the English button "Next day" compared to the German button "Letzter Tag" which (incorrectly) means "previous day" (should be vorheriger Tag). You had one job...



The History of German Lexicography


In the latest issue of Brüder Grimm-Journal (Volume 7, Spring 2015) you may find an article by Ute-Lilly Mohnberg and me dealing with the history of German Lexicography: "160 Jahre Deutsches Wörterbuch - Die Brüder Grimm und die Lexikographie" - as presented in our exhibition "Die Wörtersammler" in the former Museum of the Brothers Grimm in Kassel in 2014. As you may imagine, article and journal are in German. 

The new website of the Association of the Brothers Grimm (made by me) went online last week and the new shop will launch soon aswell, so you may take a look there if you are interested in the Journal.