Test: 12 Text Editors

Edit 2: A short remark: Next to 11 other text editors I reviewed Zeus IDE Lite in the article below. As a matter of fact, this test is not really fair, as Zeus Lite dates back to 2004 and the other editors have been kind of up to date. I will present a test for the actual version next to some actualized tests for other and new text-editors soon and insert a link here aswell. -Daniel (11/25/2014)

Edit: Read here some notes on the winner

The last days I fought with several text editors. Today I decided to spend some time and find out the one that indeed fits my needs. To be frankly, I wasn't thinking that my demands are very special, so I was very surprised by the problems I encountered.

Here is, what I looking for. The editor of my choice should be able to
- deal with very large files (>50MByte)
- search for regular expressions (perl flavor)
- show special characters (for example the one between the quotation marks: "" The Unicode Code is U+008D : (REVERSE LINE FEED) (see here)

Additionally I would be glad if it looks good.
Oh, and it should be free.

I tested the following text editors:

Crimson Editor
EditPad Lite
Komodo Edit
Notepad 2
Programmers Notepad
Sublime Text
Zeus (Lite)

Now the results:

1. Big files:

EditPad Lite, Notepad 2, Programmers Notepad, TextPad work very good with big files +++
InType, PSPad, Ultra Edit, and Zeus work good with big files but seems to be a bit slower ++
Notepad++ gets slower and may also chrash when working with big files --
Crimson Editor, Komodo Edit, Sublime Text are extremly slow ---

2. Regular Expressions:
All support RegEx but:
Only UltraEdit allows to switch between three RegEx flavors (Perl, Unix, UltraEdit) and offers mouse selection of the most important filters +++
Sublime Text marks all matches with a box ++
Notepad++ and Notepad2 work with Scintilla which seems to be slow and instable when working with big texts (and not complete, i.e. incapable of searching for more than one line) but nevertheless very useful -
InType, Komodo Edit, TextPad, and Zeus have no way to come from search to replace (you've got to close the search pop up and open the replace one) --
Crimson Editor, EditPad Lite, Programmers Notepad, and PSPad: I observed some strange behavior or I didn't understand what to do but I don't like it ---

3. Invisible characters:
Ultra Edit is the only editor that shows a box for invisible characters. +++
Crimson Editor shows at least a blank. ++
Zeus and PSPad show a blank when the character or a adjacent one is marked (but depending on mouse position PSPad also shows e.g. a third quotation mark when marking which is a bug)+
EditPad Lite, InType, Komodo Edit, Notepad++, Notepad 2, Programmers Notepad, Sublime Text, TextPad show nothing. ---

4. Beauty contest:
EditPad Lite, InType, Komodo Edit, Sublime Text, and UltraEdit look like "Welcome to 2015" +++
Notepad++, Notepad 2, and Programmers Notepad look like "Welcome to 2009" +
Crimson Editor, PSPad, TextPad, and Zeus look like "Welcome to 1995" ---

5. Money:
Crimson Editor, Komodo Edit, Notepad++, Notepad 2, Programmers Notepad, and PSPad are free +++
EditPad (which is just a) a Lite Version and b) free for private use) +
Zeus (Lite Version) +
TextPad (Nag ware, 27$) +-
InType (42 $) -
Sublime Text (70 $) --
UltraEdit (79 $) ---

The results:
Crimson Editor: -9 +5 = Shows a blank, but is extremly slow on large files, problems with RegEx, ugly
EditPad Lite: -6 +7 = Fast and beautiful, but problems with RegEx and invisible characters
InType: -6 +5 = Fast and beautiful, but cost a lot and doesn't show invisible characters
Komodo Edit: -8 +6 = Beautiful and free, but extremly slow on large files and problems with RegEx and invisible characters
Notepad++: -6 +3 = Free and Scintilla is better than nothing, no invisibles
Notepad 2: -4 +4 = Fast and free, Scintilla is better than nothing, no invisibles
Programmers Notepad: -6 +7 = Fast and free, no invisibles
PSPad: -6 +4 = Slow, bug with invisibles
Sublime Text: -8 +5 = Expensive and slow, but is beautiful and shows a little box when using RegEx
TextPad: -9 +4 = Fast for big files, but the rest is ugly nagware
UltraEdit: -3 +11 = Extremly expensive but also extremly beautiful, fast and capable regarding RegEx (several flavors) and invisibles (showing a box)
Zeus (Lite): -5 +4 = Fast with large files and shows a blank for invisibles

Here is the ranking:

Top Plus
Ultra Edit +11
EditPad Lite + 7
Programmers Notepad +7

Top Minus
TextPad -9
CrimsomEditor -9
Sublime Text -8

Seems like I've got to buy an UltraEdit license...

Edit: Read here some notes on the winner UltraEdit after some months of experience



My favourite editor is Codelobster. I suggest to add it into your comparison.


There is also EmEditor. Can edit very big files very quickly, and can show csv files as a spreadsheet